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Bil Arabi, the famed jewellery brand by designer Nadine Kanso, announces the launch of the new Shine Collection, a collection that captures the endless beauty and mystery of the night sky using the stars as the focal point of each distinctive design.

The originality, innovation and delicate craftsmanship that Nadine brings to her designs is evident yet again in this magical collection, as she conveys the vast wonder of the depth of a midnight sky. Her attentiveness to detail and her artistic eye has allowed her to capture the essence of what it would feel like to look up and see an infinite sea of stars, sprinkled across the night sky, shining beautifully bright.

“For this collection I wanted to capture the inspiration that blankets you when looking up at an endless night sky shining with an infinite amount of stars, and the creative romanticism it evokes,” explains Nadine.

Each unique piece in the Shine Collection is both sophisticated and fun as Nadine incorporates dramatized star shapes of all sizes delicately fused together by beautiful Arabic calligraphy lettering. Drawing inspiration from the summers she spent in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, which is known for its ancient ruins and breathtaking landscapes, the stars of the night sky have been an emblem of hope and light for thousands of years.

Her artistic understanding of the Arabic world and language is expressed in each piece of the Shine Collection, creatively portraying the mesmerizing beauty of the evening stars glowing from so far away.

The Shine Collection will be available at Bloomingdales Dubai Mall, Harvey Nichols Mall of the Emirates and all branches of Sauce