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benoneWarm Lentil Salad with Burrata Cheese and Chili Jam
bentwoVegetable Quiche
benthree‘No Rice’ Risotto
benfourWagyu Flat Iron Steak


Bentley’s has been a favourite for a while now. It was the one place that my friends and I could get to easily and the ambience was laidback and comforting.But the one thing that had not been done was a full meal, so, the moment I got the chance to do so,I hoped on that wagon. The restaurant brings traditional French cuisine and an intimate bistro setting to Abu Dhabi and does not disappoint.

With a vegetarian plus one accompanying me, we began our meal with the Warm Lentil Salad with Burrata Cheese and Chili Jam and Spanish Style Garlic Prawns. Both the dishes took us by surprise, as, even though the dishes were perfectly explained in their names, we were not expecting what came to us.

The salad was a well-spiced bed of lentils with a massive blob of cheese on top of it that was perfectly accompanied by a sweet chilli jam. The succulent Spanish prawns were drenched in a garlic infused olive oil dressing that begged for crusty bread to be dipped into it. On hearing that we had a vegetarian at our table, the chef took it upon himself to bring us a slice of vegetable quiche that had a base that was just the perfect amount of flaky and buttery. The filling was definitely interesting with its mix of vegetables and slice of goat cheese on the top and the french fries it came with have shot to the top of my list for ‘best french fries in the world’ award.

Next came a Wagyu Flat Iron Steak with glazed vegetables that was so juicy, tender and well seasoned that it was a crime to not finish it. It was so good that if it had a bone,it would have been falling off it. We then got to try the ‘No Rice’ risotto,which was a pleasant dish, a healthy option, of sorts. Mushrooms and potato had been combined with a white mushroom sauce and topped with shaved bits of cheese. Not my first pick, but as I said, a healthier option.

Our final dish was dessert and I had been looking forwardto this the entire time. Nutella Milk Chocolate and Saffron Mille-Feuille. Just writing this made my mouth water. Layers of Nutella and white chocolate were topped with the flakiest pastry and chocolate shavings to create bite-fulls of heaven.It was the kind of dessert that made you want to curl up in bed with a good book on a cold, rainy morning with this dessert because you knew that it would warm your soul.

Overall, Bentley’s has taken traditional French cuisine, inspired favourites, decadent desserts and an intimate setting and made a mark on the palettes of the people of Abu Dhabi.

By Sharon Carvalho