Behind The Veil

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It’s always in the little details and brief moments. The memories that a couple will cherish and make the union blessed. We go behind the scenes to discover the magic behind these weddings


When Dana first met Ammar in 2010, her focus was on wanting to move to the UAE and find a job. Love was the last thing she had in mind. But, fate had other plans for her as she met her soul mate in Ammar. Four years later, the couple decided to tie the knot with a ceremony that was elegant, romantic and captured the essence of
their bond.



Ammar and I wanted the wedding to be a complete reflection of both our personalities. So we planned every little detail of the wedding with Zainab Al Salih from Carousel Weddings. She made everything we had envisioned come to life in such a stress-free manner, to the extent that my mother was surprised how at ease I was with all the wedding planning. I enjoyed every single minute of the 10-month journey; it was one of the best experiences of my life.
The wedding was held at the Waldorf Astoria, The Palm. I fell in love with the resort the minute I laid eyes on it. The grounds are elegant and minimalistic, and the stunning infinity pool area with a nearby gazebo, which is not their usual wedding venue, was what I had my heart set on. The intimacy and gorgeous view, especially during sunset, was irresistible. Every time I experienced a sunset at the Waldorf, my heart tinkled. I wanted to share that moment with our family and friends, and hence planned an early reception wedding


We had a five-tier wedding cake with chocolate and hazelnut flavors. The colour palette and design theme was ivory with various shades of blush pink. The sugar flowers included peonies, blossoms, roses and wafer paper flowers. Alternative tiers of the cake were covered in sugar crystals.Instead of traditional party favours, I got cake jars made with tags that red: ‘Love is Sweet, thank you for making our day complete – Ammar & Dana,
November 21, 2014’. They were decorated in the same theme as all our stationary and were an absolute hit. Everyone was raving about how delicious they were.


Instead of the traditional bouquet toss, we created mini bouquets for all my friends, with a tag attached that read: ‘Never love anybody who treats you like you’re ordinary’. I handed them out and got to be a flower girl at my own wedding


Our first dance was a cover of the song Magic by Coldplay. The band is one of our favorites and I fell in love with the cover by Kina Grannis.


This was our Polaroid guest book. Right after being back from our honeymoon, I gathered up all the moments and messages captured and got them framed. It was the first thing to go up on our wall at home.


Our photographer, Danielle Baptista, planned a surprise late night photo shoot at the beach with sparklers. It was a beautiful touch especially since she had no idea how much of a fan of sparklers I was. She captured beautiful pictures that I’ll cherish forever.


Adnan from AdenFashion in Beirut designed my gown, and I felt the most comfortable with him. My mother headed the whole project, and made sure every detail of the dress was exactly what I wanted. She and I had actually found and bought the Guipure lace that I idealized for my dress, before we even decided on the designer. My mother managed every bridal element. From my customized Swarovski headpiece to the dress, shoes, etc., she made sure that every second was utilized during our visits to Beirut, making everything that was impossible, possible. She is the artist behind all my dolling up.
We loved watching all our guests fall in love with the view that had taken our breath away numerous times. Being surrounded by our loved ones who flew in from all parts of the world to share in our special day, was a
magical experience.