Behind the Title : Seba Haddad

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Founder’s, CEO’s, MD’s and positions of power have an aura of mystique surrounding them. They are known for their decision-making abilities and their business acumen. But what happens when you step into their lives? We delve into the worlds of five powerful women and discover their unscripted stories

Seba Haddad

CEO, Rêve du Soleil

Rêve du Soleil is a lifestyle brand with a sunny perspective. They create products that inspire people to live light, effective and purposeful lifestyles. Their annual ‘Journey Daily Planner’ consists of tools to empower people throughout their daily journeys and is one of the most awaited journals of the year. A life coach herself, Seba started this company only a year ago with her partner, Antonia Amehame, and they aim to help and support communities in less fortunate environments by creating a platform for work opportunities.

Describe yourself in one word?

What was your first job?
It was designing ‘shoulder graphics’ for the evening news at the Canadian Broadcast Corporation.

Favourite subject in school?

First country you visited?

Last book you read?
Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz.

One book you could read over and over again?
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

Favourite quote?
“There are two ways of spreading light, to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.” Edith Wharton.

Favourite city in the world?
New York.

Favourite flowers?

One place you want to visit?
Japan, during the cherry blossom blooming season.

What time do you wake up?
6:00 am.

Favourite colour you like to wear?

When you say 5 minutes, how far are you really?
About 15.

A song that you know from start to finish?
Happy by Pharrell Williams.

If you were the president of a country for a day, you would… ?
Feed the hungry, house the homeless, stop the killing and provide medicine for the sick.

One habit that you will never give up?
My morning coffee!

Which concert would you drop everything for to attend?
U2 or Coldplay.

What has this job taught you?
Flexibility & perseverance.

You are most grateful for..?
My family & friends.

Which charity would you support?
Women rights and child trafficking.

Photo credit: Lara DeBreyn