Behind the Title : Audrey Tcherkoff

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Founder’s, CEO’s, MD’s and positions of power have an aura of mystique surrounding them. They are known for their decision-making abilities and their business acumen. But what happens when you step into their lives? We delve into the worlds of five powerful women and discover their unscripted stories

Audrey Tcherkoff

CEO, Robert Wan

Audrey’s passion for pearls began eight years ago when she submerged herself in the stories of the underwater world. She worked her way up the ranks of the pearl producing group to found and develop Robert Wan Middle East. With her vision and entrepreneurial drive, she is adamant about reviving the pearl heritage of this region.

Describe yourself in one word?

How old were you when you started working?
24 years old.

What was your first job?
I was working for Jean Claude Jitrois, one of the smallest and most wonderful fashion house in Paris.

Favourite subject in school?

Ever failed a subject?

Name of the teacher in school who left an impact on you?
Mr. Cognac, my Economic teacher.

How many emails do you send in a day?
Not as many as I receive, but on average about 150 per day.

Sport you played in school?

Favourite author growing up?
Paulo Coelho.

Best friend in school?

First country you visited?

Last book you read?
Let my people go surfing – Yvon Chouinard.

Favourite quote?
“Work hard. But build an exceptional family life. What’s the point of reaching the mountaintop but getting there alone.”- Robin Sharma.

Favourite cuisine?

Your favourite dish!
Fish tacos cooked by my husband.

Favourite city in the world?

Favourite flowers?

One place you want to visit?
Kruger Park in South Africa.

What time do you wake up?

For breakfast you have?
Fresh juice, eggs, brown bread and cottage cheese.

Describe your husband in one word

Did you have a pet? What was the name of your first pet?
My first pet was Birdy, a dog.

Favourite colour you like to wear?

Last thing you bought?
A pair of shoes.

Last gift you gave?
A teddy bear for my three month old little girl.

When you say five minutes, how far are you really?
15 minutes.

What’s the name of your hometown?
Gravenchon, in the North of France.

Your pet peeve?
People with big egos.

Your worst habit?
Spending too much time on my phone, working.

Your favourite restaurant?
The Hartwood, in the middle of the Mexican jungle, in Tulum.

A song that you know from start to finish?
Father and Son by Cat Stevens.

Which concert would you drop everything for to attend?
Michael Jackson, if only it were possible.

Who is the most dialed number on your phone?
My husband.

Which charity would you support?
The one I’m working for, Positive Planet.

What has this job taught you?
Everything is possible as long as you believe in it.

One value that you have learnt from your parents?
Money is not happiness.

If you weren’t in this position, what would be your alternate career?
Theater actress.