Barons Papillom comes to Dubai.

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  • Sophie Ries and Nadine Kassem Khoury.

Barons Papillom is a Parisian designer Brand, premium and exclusive with an international vision.

Barons Papillom represents the fashion expression of a Parisian lifestyle daringly combining innovation, style and well-being, emphasized by the trompe-l’œil signature; Le Triomphe Modeste.

The brand just launched in the Middle East and we spoke to Sophie Ries, brand manager of Barons Papillom Dubai and Nadine Kassem Khoury, partner of O’de Rose, the store that houses the brand.

How long has the brand been in existence?
Sophie:Eric Lemaitre, founder of the brand, has designed Barons Papillom 4 years ago in Paris. He wanted to create sneakers you could wear on the streets today, which could be worn easily. (Barons Papillom comes with an easy strap on and off at the back of the shoe to avoid tying/untying of the laces) and the souls are stuffed with herbs. You can wear them barefoot with full comfort. The soul of the shoe is the map of Paris, which has the address of our flagship store in Paris. Today we are sold around the world from Los Angeles to Tokyo and we have now launched in Dubai.

What made you bring this brand to Dubai?
Sophie:The Middle East is very fashion forward and latest trends are welcomed here with open arms. We knew that the French living here already knew off the brand but if introduced to the others, we were sure that the trendsetters would want to make this a part of their wardrobe and we are happy to say that the response has been spectacular. Our clients have come to us raving about the sneakers on how they love to wear them all day long.

What convinced you that these sneakers were made for the O’de Rose?
Nadine:O’de Rose always supports and houses designers who are unique with their art. We have products that you will not get anywhere. We value great work and believe in promoting artists whom I believe in personally. We want our clients to find what they never get anywhere. Barons Papillom have unique designs that we needed to bring to Dubai. These are sneakers that go with everything. You can put on a dress or a pair of jeans and wear it with the sneakers which make it look so stylish and are so comfortable. I personally own a couple of pairs and love wearing them. Some of them are pieces of art as they are collaborations with artists.

Who is Barons Papillom’s target audience?
Sophie: We are targeting all the trendy people, who aren’t afraid to try out new styles and mix it with their wardrobe. People who want to stand out. We have no age limit. The best part is that they can customize their pair by coming to us and choosing their own personal design.

Where can we find Barons Papillom?
Sophie:We have launched with O’de Rose and we have the custom line collection at Galleries Lafayette in France, Morocco and Dubai. The custom line includes the gilded sneakers by our master in Paris or embroidered with feathers. We, also, have the Swarovski line, which is especially designed, by the ateliers in the Swarovski.

O’de Rose is a charming eclectic boutique located on Al Wasl Road in Dubai.

Offering a unique shopping experience that engages all five senses, guests are greeted with the boutique’s signature rose water drink, the smell of burning rose incense and sounds of music.