Aura of Perfection

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  • Sima Ved

With an aura that commands respect with her sheer magnetism and appeal, Sima Ved exemplifies the essence of the rare diamond. These attributes have led her to be one of the Navratnas chosen by Gehna Jewellery Boutique Dubai and acknowledged by Femina Middle East as being unstoppable. As Vice Chairperson of the Apparel Group, she heads a workforce of over 10,000 people and manages a home and family with aplomb. Manju Ramanan in a tete a tete with Sima Gangwani Ved

What makes you Unstoppable?
For the unstoppable woman, speed is the norm. Even during our vacations, my husband Nilesh and I have our minds ticking. Whether we are at a family dinner or on holiday, work is engraved into our lives. Being unstoppable is when you don’t have any boundaries between your life and your work. It is when you
compartmentalize the problems that happen. My husband treats his work like he is on holiday and that is why he is so successful. Even when I am playing with my kids, I am constantly thinking. To be unstoppable, you have to have this passion under your skin.

What have been your memories with Femina?
I remember reading a few articles of Femina when I was much younger. They have been inspiring. As for
Femina Middle East there is a misconception that it is Asian oriented. It is not. It is global.

How do you identify with the Gehna jewellery piece you are wearing?
I love diamonds and the more, the better. I have been part of the performing arts and my jewellery choice is dramatic. In that way, a diamond commands attention. Also,a diamond is perfect and I am a perfectionist. I like to do things perfectly well. I am told that the diamond represents Venus and is the planet of beauty, love, arts, romance, harmony and knowledge. Not only is it the most precious of all stones, it also brings beauty, wealth and prosperity to the person wearing it. The person is blessed with peace and physical beauty as well as harmony. Diamonds are forever and the piece I am wearing states it perfectly.

Are you spiritual?
I am spiritual but not ritualistic. I don’t have blind faith. I reason everything I do and enjoy my banter with God. I am trained in the arts of theta healing and hypnotherapy.

Sima Ved is wearing an ensemble of 22K Jadau jewellery comprising of a multi-layered or multi tiered polki diamond necklace enhanced with polki drops and paired with iconic three layered chandelier style chaandbaalis encrusted with polki diamonds.

Photograph by: Sarfaraz Ali Photography