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When fashion collides with art, it grabs attention. It is artistic, like watching pop candy come to life, with bits
of explosion and drama in its colours and strokes. Nowadays, designers stay away from the route of a simple show with models just trotting down the runway. Fashion weeks have taken to this trend to bring life and colour to the clothes they display. The makeup ends up playing an equally important role as the clothes. Suniti Jham discovers more about the art of makeup

Now that the crazed New York Fashion Week has closed, one must pay attention to the incorporation of some non-traditional makeup looks that were completely out of the box. This season, makeup artists decided to go all out. We saw faces decorated with piercings and plenty of eyes shaded with pops of colour that are so bizarre, you wonder who in their right mind would put together such a look! And just when you thought designers were done with over-the-top makeup, face embellishments came to the light. Case in point, Monique Lhuillier and Tommy Hilfiger who embraced the prettier and softer side of this trend by daubing dreamy stars onto the model’s eyes. But how can we forget Lady Gaga who rocked the Marc Jacobs show with her punk-beauty theme? Or dare we say how we thought her makeup stole the show with utter perfection? Gaga prowled the catwalk donning a punk-inspired beauty look with grunge-like hair and makeup. She set the trend for some serious fashioninspired spooky makeup leaving fashion lovers absolutely bewitched.

Painting five or six colours around the corner of the eye in a freestyle form is indeed colour therapy at its best. Gone are the days of beauty choices limited to creamy versus matte. This newest trend comes in textures so varied that it’s hard to pick one style. Foil. metallic, paint and velvet are only a few we name. There’s a thrill about painting outside the lines and daubing on primary shades with wild abandon only to create the most exquisite look. Most of you may find it over expressive or rather intimidating to try on such a bold trend but there’s always a way to execute this trend in its subtlest form. It’s kind of fun and shouldn’t just be left to catwalks; the brave could actually try it on the metro to work and call it performance art.

Re-invent that smoky eye or wing that liner a little extra towards the edges because, without a doubt, it is quite liberating to go crazy with colours and extravagantly come up with something that you have never done before. This trend doesn’t need to stay confined to the eyes and cheeks. One can play it up by painting the entire body in shaded intricate colours. This is the perfect way to unleash the inner artist and break the norms of traditional-makeup trends. Additionally, this may just be the most therapeutic trend to daub and paint yourself whilst you bring out your own personality. The fluid eccentricity and strokes can work like magic because there are only so many times you can free yourself in public without being judged by those dodgy eyes. Wear one shade on its own to make a statement or clash them all together to start your inner revolution. You could go all out with your day dreamy makeup by painting on pastel colours on your cheeks and neck or take it to the limit in the shiniest way possible and dab on Swarovski beads to the corners of your eyes for added glamour. The different finishes can convert even the simplest facial structure into a head turner. Whether it’s a red carpet event, a wedding that you are attending, a music festival or a themed party, this trend of makeup can fit right in with your clothing.

An artful stroke or the standard winged liner, either way, express yourself like never before! This risqué trend is just the ticket for bold hearts. Think of your face as a perfect canvas for all the potential that rests in your fingers and the magic of colours. Trust your instincts well and be who you want to be rather than who you aspire to be. Or maybe just do it to take a break from yourself and nourish your being from the inside out. But while you immerse yourself in the world of artful makeup, don’t forget to pamper your skin to maintain your youthful glow.