An Eye for Perfection

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  • Shelly Kwatra

She’s petite, talented and dynamic and wears her high profile corporate job with the same dexterity with which she runs her home. Shelly Kwatra, HR Director, Gulf, for a leading FMCG company, is a serious professional, a loving wife and mother and embodies the Cat’s Eye in spirit and energy. She’s one of the Navratnas chosen by Gehna Jewellery Boutique and recognized by Femina Middle East for being Unstoppable. Manju Ramanan speaks to the lady who epitomizes determination and success

How do you identify with the piece you are wearing?
I do believe that physical stamina resonates with me quite like Cat’s Eye that stimulates awareness and intuition and increase physical strength and stamina. I believe in exercising and keeping fit. I do relate to luck and speculation that are the other qualities related to the stone. I have never been too much into jewellery but Gehna Jewellery Boutique has some excellent pieces that are classy and traditional.

Is a work-life balance imperative to you?
At work I look after UAE, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain and Kuwait and am responsible for strategy for HR. The job entails travelling but I try and make day trips so that I can be with my son. I have been in the UAE for the last nine years and am blessed with a supportive husband who is an equal partner to me. He wouldn’t let me quit or take a backseat when it came to work and I credit my success to him completely. My son taught me love and caring. He’s really the one who brought out the tender side to me. To balance it out, I like to run my household like machinery and I need to be organized. I am a planned person and likes schedules. But these two men in my life have helped me soften down a bit and they balance my life with their love and affection.

What makes you unstoppable?
Femina Middle East tagline Unstoppable speaks for itself. We have all read Femina in our growing up years and the Femina women have been inspirational and aspirational. For me, being unstoppable is evolving constantly. I am a black and white person. If something isn’t right, I end up saying it and then it depends on the other person’s courage to accept it or not. But I have learnt to see from the other’s point of view.


Photograph by: Sarfaraz Ali Photography