Post 114 of 1734

Akillis’ fascination with snakes brings us three new jewellery pieces, the Python Feather Cuffs collection. Melding reptile influences with birds of flight, these cuffs are an exquisite hybrid of precious animal and futuristic carapace. Designer Caroline Gaspard drew on her exuberant imagination and travels to faraway places to imbue this capsule line with a more tribal feel. While her chief desire was to simulate the crushing embrace of a Boa constrictor, the ‘exotic’ Python cuffs also recall the armour of Amazonian warriors. This paradoxical combination has resulted in a unique, virtually geometrical design that dramatically contrasts pure lines with the flamboyance of featherwork. Caroline’s vision was to place two noble materials in diametric opposition – the weightless fluffiness of feathers set against chunky gold and crystalline diamonds.