A Woman of Substance

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  • President Kerry Healey

Babson College had their annual Babson Connect here in Dubai. His Excellency Sheikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum and the leading entrepreneurs of UAE attended the event.

Kerry Healey, president of Babson College, is an integral part of Babson Connect. She earlier served as Foreign Policy Coordinator and Special Advisor on the ‘Romney for President’ campaign. She also served as the Republican National Committeewoman for the state of Massachusetts, and is part of boards of numerous charities and political organizations. Shweta Bhatia has a tete-a-tete with the empowering personality.

  1. What is Babson Connect all about?

Babson Connect is all about bringing Babson to the world and the world to Babson. We have 114 countries where our alumni live and work so we cant go visit them all. This is our way of bringing them together, celebrate together, learn about the college, learn about the local entrepreneurs and we do this each year in a wonderful place that exemplifies entrepreneurships. This year we wanted to come to Dubai.

  1. What are your views on the increasing number of female entrepreneurs here in UAE?

I think that I find the number of increase in the female entrepreneurs breathtaking. They are a force of nature and when I look at the types of companies they are founding and the leadership roles they have taken on in the government, it’s very inspiring to us in the west.

  1. What do you think about the business market in this region?

I think its very intelligent, the leaders of UAE and the MENA region. If you want to address the question of employment of your youth, you need to focus on entrepreneurship. To allow each young person to find their own calling and to develop their own destiny is a great gift and it also is the best way forward for our economy.

  1. You have had a very major role in a US presidential campaign, do you ever think the world could ever have a female US president?

(Laughs).  I think that, while it is becoming increasingly possible, it may not happen this time.

  1. But do you think people who are standing up for it have a chance in the future?

I think that the door is more open to a woman president than anytime in the past but the path to the presidency is hard for anyone.

But now, in this particular election, there was both a very credible candidate on the Republican side and the Democratic side and people began to speak of them more as candidates than as women and so I believe this is progress, whether they win or not, this is progress

  1. Who is the one-woman leader that you look upto?

During the course of my life, the woman leader I looked upto and found most inspirational is Margaret Thatcher. She was a true first and she held her own in an environment that wasn’t welcoming to female participation in politics and she was a woman of ideas and of action.

  1. You have achieved so much success, who has been your support system in your journey?

I think my children are where I draw my greatest strength. If I’ve had a bad day, if I’m having a difficult time, I want to spend time with my children. It’s nurturing and reinvigorating to me. I have a son and a daughter. They are now 24 and 21 but they have been and continue to be my greatest source of joy.

  1. Lastly, what makes you Unstoppable?