A touch of Quirk

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Exude wearable eccentricity. Three words to describe Jayesh Sachdev’s label Quirk Box, which he began with his partner, Rixi Bhatia. Sharon Carvalho speaks to the creative artist and designer to find out how he brings his two loves, art and fashion, together

What’s your story?
I am an artist, designer, entrepreneur and dreamer. I am drawn to new experiences and new challenges. I paint the nude form extensively and spend hours creating graphics and art for my label Quirk Box.

How did your journey towards art and design begin?
Having a creative streak is something inherent and you can only build on it. I’ve always enjoyed colour and beautiful architecture. The craft of artisans is something that has fascinated me too. I dabbled with Graphic Arts as an experiment and thoroughly enjoyed it so, I pursued this by going to Art school and graduated with a major in Visual Communication. After completing my education, I set up Emblem Studios, Emblem Art Gallery and Quirk Box and did all of this alongside being a full time artist.

How has art influenced you?
Art satisfies my soul. It inspires me and allows me to transcend.

What piece of art has moved you the most? Why?
Andy Warhol’s works have had a great influence on me. The non-conformist, non-elitist, mass appeal, mass culture, popular culture ideology appeals to me.

Why Quirk Box?
As an artist, there is a limit to the audience that I reach. My ideas may not be limited but the audience definitely is. I also do not believe that art is elitist and but do realise that only a fragment of society buys art. Quirk Box was a concept to create art that would reach the masses without ever compromising on the quality or originality of it. By changing the medium of showcasing art from canvas to cotton, we are able to create fashion and make the art functional by translating it into merchandise.

How has art influenced the designs you create?
Art influences the thought process and evolution of the art we create at Quirk Box.

Where do you draw inspiration?
I am inspired by my surroundings and by my daily experience.

What next?
Quirk Box has been an exciting platform to showcase art and has grown into a thriving fashion label. I would certainly love for this to continue to larger avenues and heights. We’d like to collaborate with artists, fashion labels and different platforms of creativity by experimenting and creating new exciting works.

Quick questions:

Fashion pet peeve?
When society follows the herd mentality.

International celebrity you would like to see wearing your designs?
Johnny Depp

Favourite me-time activity?
Tennis. I play the game for two hours everyday.

Favourite travel destination?
Goa and New York are two of my favorite destinations.