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  • Photograph by- Sarfaraz Ali Photography

Photograph by- Sarfaraz Ali Photography

Photograph by- Sarfaraz Ali Photography

Banali Malhotra

She’s brilliant, chic, athletic, and a sure head -turner.Banali Malhotra heads the Marketing Division of RAK Bank, is a successful banker, mother of two young girls and married to an equally distinguished professional – President Master card for Middle East and North Africa. She balances home and work so efficiently that the gemstone she radiates with is apt for her – it is the resplendent Hessonite, a great balancing stone. Banali is one of the nine Navratnas chosen by Gehna Jewellery Boutique Dubai and acknowledged by Femina Middle East for being unstoppable. Manju Ramanan speaks to the super-achiever!

Tell us about your association with Femina ME?
I have read Femina in India as a teenager. The magazine symbolizes all women of substance and we associate pride with it – the pride of being a woman and being a professional and a successful multi-tasker. In the UAE, when Femina Middle East was launched, they took the same soul of Femina and extended it to all Middle Eastern nationalities. Women belong to the world and Femina Middle East writes about real women in real life situations.

How do you resonate with the piece you are wearing?
I simply love the piece that has been designed for me by Gehna Jewellery Boutique. The piece chosen for me goes with my personality because I like statement pieces and I would love to wear this to an evening out and it is so versatile. Since I work in the corporate sector I wear very little jewellery to work. But I would love to go all out when it is a party or an event with a piece like this. Hessonite represents balance in life – it is a calming stone and quietens the mind and relieves depression.It counters the negative effects of the world and makes you grounded and realistic. For me, balance is the key word.And I do believe that busy professional women can have it all but not at the same time. For me, some days, work is priority, on other days it is the children and some days it is the support role to my husband.

What makes you Unstoppable?
I plan myself. I need to be in a systematic regime – where I allocate time for everyone close to me including myself. I set very clear priorities, manage my time well,build a support system, have a transparent alignment with my husband, stop feeling guilty about being a busy executive and take short breaks to recover and rejuvenate. I guess all of this makes me unstoppable!

Banali Malhotra is wearing four lines of polki diamonds strung with Hessonite (Gomed) suspended with detachable meenakari and polki-set sun pendant all in 22k Gold. The fine quality long Hessonite beads from Sri Lanka make it unique and the cinnamon colour gives it versatility.