12 Ways To Take The Best Eid Photos

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Eid days are so vibrant with the whole city coming to life with family gatherings, mouthwatering Arabic sweets, and stunning decorated streets and houses. We all notice that our social media news feed gets flooded with people taking phenomenal photos and videos of their precious family moments during Eid. Therefore, we thought to give you few tips and tricks on how to take the best Eid photos with your iPhone camera.

1) Wipe your lens
To make sure you’re not wasting any of the pictures you’re capturing, you need always to wipe your lens, as oily fingerprints and dust will have the most dramatic impact on image quality. Don’t risk losing your best Eid shots and clean your lens before taking any picture.


2) Turn off the flash
Before taking pictures of your amazing homemade Cake and Mamoul, make sure to turn off your camera flash in order to come up with the most beautiful picture of your centrepiece.

3) Time-lapse
How about you let your iPhone do a ‘Time-lapse’ video for your Eid preparations! Minutes or hours, it doesn’t matter, the Time-lapse mode on your iPhone lets you take an amazing video of what it takes to prepare yourself, family and your house for the big day. You will love going back to these videos post Eid to appreciate all those nice moments.

4) Live Photos
Want to bring your photos to life? Simply press Live Photo button to get a beautiful 12‑megapixel photo with the moment just before and after it was taken, captured with movement and sound. You can bring those moments to life anytime simply by pressing anywhere on the photo.

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5) Use the iPhone’s grid feature
To help you compose your shots better, all you need to do is to turn on the grid feature on your iPhone to line up your shot.

6) Timer mode Selfies
During Eid’s family gatherings it’s always nice to take some memorable group selfies when everyone is energetic and happy! To give everyone time to get in frame and get ready you can simply set the timer. It will take 3 or 10 seconds before taking a series of photos in burst mode. With iPhone intelligently suggesting the best one for you.

7) Exposure control
Taking pictures can be tricky sometimes, as you won’t always have the best lighting. All you need to do is simply nudge the exposure control button on your iPhone to be able to lighten or darken your photos.

8) Panoramic photos
During Eid the city starts glowing with beautiful decorations that are so tempting for taking some nice shots, it would be great to have a lifetime snap of the stunning decorations. To do that, we recommend to use the Panorama feature by pressing and holding the capture.

9) Caption your photos
We all love to share our pictures with friends and family on Facebook and Instagram. Add captions to your pictures with the Over app, to help you documenting your precious Eid moments.

10) Sparking Photos
Make your Eid pictures glamorous with Picfx app, by adding sparkles to it Share your photos on Facebook and enjoy your friends comments.

11) Create a Photo Collage
Post Eid you can create a beautiful photo collage of your favourite looks, moments and places by using the Diptic app.

12) Share into a Shared Album or AirDrop
The first thing you will be asked for after taking any group image is to share it with the group. To avoid the nag, use ‘iCloud Photo Sharing’. You can select the photos you want to share and grant access to the people you want. Or simply use ‘AirDrop’ to share photos when there is no internet connection, to friends using iOS or OS X devices nearby.