11 Reasons why Apple Watch is your Perfect Travel Partner

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With the current holiday season, everyone is looking for better ways to manage their vacation and make the most out of their time off. As holidays are supposed to be fun and allow you to enjoy every single moment with your family and friends, we have selected some useful Apple Watch apps and tips to get you going through your holiday.

Ordering Uber, currency exchange and controlling your holiday playlist are just a few ways of why Apple Watch is the perfect travel partner…

Easy travel/Wallet

Make sure you save your boarding pass in Wallet and pass through security by scanning the barcode directly from your wrist, no need to get your iPhone out or risk losing your paper ticket.


Don’t worry about changing your watch to local time or calculating the time back home, Apple Watch sets the local time automatically and you can see what time it is at home in a glance by adjusting one of your complication windows to the World Clock option.


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No more wandering around with your head buried in a guide book missing the sights. Take your own city tour on foot and let Apple Watch be your guide. Simply enter in your destination and let the taps guide you. If you need a quick break, you can download AroundMe app on your Apple Watch to find your nearest coffee shop.




Select an outdoor walk in the Workout app and get credit for all your city walking. You can complete your Activity rings, while listening to your favourite holiday playlist by using only a bluetooth headset and your Apple Watch.




Trip Planning

Download the TripAdvisor app to access to traveler reviews, ratings and photos of hotels, restaurants and attractions. Plan and book your perfect trip with TripAdvisor and get travel information on your wrist.




Get a reliable ride within minutes with the Uber app, no reservations or waiting in taxi lines. Download Uber app on your Apple Watch to see an estimate for how long it will take for a car to reach you.



Memorable moments

No need to awkwardly stop strangers in the street to capture all your holiday snaps, simply set up your iPhone and use the Camera app from your watch to frame and take your picture.

Apple Pay

If you’re travelling to the US or Europe, you can use Apple Pay for quick payment transactions. There’s no need to worry about counting local currency or fishing out your lose change, especially handy when jumping on and off public transport and buying quick refreshments.


Stay up-to-date with the weather forecast directly from your wrist, so you can plan your day accordingly and dress appropriately.

Live like a local

Keep your finances on track while doing your shopping, download XE Currency to keep track of your holiday budget and avoid getting surprises when the bank statement comes through.




Talk like a local

To help you feel like a local in any foreign country you can easily download iTranslate app to start voice-to-voice conversations in over 90 languages. The offline mode allows you to use iTranslate abroad without having to pay expensive roaming charges.